Free Digital Collage Sheet – Distinguished Gentleman

free gentlemen circlesWhat is a distinguished gentleman? Free Vintage Gentlemen Digital Collage Sheet with 2 Inch Circles. Printable file can be used for personal or commercial craft projects.

The topic of distinguished gentlemen has been a question that has brought forth many answers. It is Anglo-Saxon in its inception, peculiarly American in its ramifications. Everybody would like to be a gentleman. Even some of the ladies, when they were in short skirts and given to tree-climbing and that sort of thing, have been known to express ardent desires that way. Some of them have taken at least one necessary step by appropriating some of the habiliments of gentlemen. Friends of horrible hen-pecked husbands go so far as to say that some of the ladies, the dears, have assumed the trousers as well.

To the “society” gentleman, dress is indispensable. According to the standard of the Society Weekly, the coat and the gloves and the parting of the hair constitute the gentleman – there might be just a little dove-shooting thrown in for variety’s sake. In England, where the term originated, it is held that the ordinary man can no more reach the station of gentleman than he can reach king-hood. Gentlemen, they hold, are born into the position.

But generally speaking, dress does not make the gentleman. In addition to clothes and good breeding, a distinguished gentleman must be generous and true. He must have some purpose in life other than the gratification of himself. He has manly sympathy for the great and the small, but at no time will he parade his good works in order to garner the favor of his peers. He endeavors to make the lives of others better for the fact that he, himself, lives.distinguished gentlemen previewDownload the Free PDF of the Printable Digital Collage Sheet

Digital Collage Sheet Information:

12 total images cropped into 2 inch circles

{ 300 DPI – JPG File Format }

{ Printable on letter sized 8.5 x 11 paper }

This is what they look like printed:

printed gentleman circlesRESTRICTIONS: You may sell any work created using the digital collage sheet images, such as magnets, jewelry, cupcake toppers, digital scrapbook layouts, altered art . However, you may NOT resell or redistribute the images themselves either in print or in any digital media format, online, offline, or on CD or in an image collection.