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I’ve always been in love with Victorian style homes. I thought these beautiful vintage illustrations of Victorian House Plans were so inspiring. I grouped together four images into two sets of collages.


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vintage valentineJust where St. Valentine fits into Valentine’s Day and why the day should be named in his honor is a little bit of a mystery – it is really Cupid’s day, and one could scarcely accuse the little love god of having ever been a bishop of the early Christian church.

The St Valentines were, for there were two of them, involved in the early church. One was a bishop of the church in Greece and cured the son of a rhetorician, Craton, of a serious illness. The second St Valentine, who was the main inspiration for the holiday, was one of the earliest of the Roman popes at the time of the Claudian persecutions in the third century.

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Rules from Thomas Paine’s Utopia – I  don’t think anyone would be eligible for marriage vintage man and womantoday:

“Their women are not married before eighteen nor their men before two-and-
twenty, and if any of them run into forbidden embraces before marriage
they are severely punished, and the privilege of marriage is denied them
unless they can obtain a special warrant from the Prince.  Such disorders cast a great reproach upon the master and mistress of the family in which they happen, for it is supposed that they have failed in their duty.

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