Free Silhouette Clipart

free silhouette clipartFree collection of transparent PNG vintage woman silhouette clipart and graphics for personal or commercial use. These would make great die cut shapes to add to a layout, or use them for any creative project you can think of.

The art of cutting silhouettes, or psaligraphy, is practiced much more frequently abroad than it is in this country and was a popular hobby during the 18th and 19th’s century. The Greeks carried this art to a high degree of perfection. The monochrome figures on Etruscan cases are really silhouettes. Later, the art fell into disuse until the middle of the eighteenth century. From that time it was very much in vogue until the invention of photography drove it out of fashion again. Most old-time silhouette artists did not cut freehand silhouettes. Instead, they place a person so that his or her shadow would be cast on the wall or behind a screen, then traced this outline and reduced it to a smaller size.

Free vintage silhouette pictures:

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silhouette clipartvintage woman silhouettefree silhouette clipart

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