Vintage Halloween Party Games and Halloween Scavenger Hunt Card

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Holidays come and go, but Halloween is vested with the charm of all that is magical and mystical. This page features ideas of vintage Halloween party games. Including a free printable Halloween scavenger hunt game card. Witches and black cats prowl playing mischief and wicked jokes on Halloween night. A witch stopped by this page on Call Me Victorian to share her favorite ideas for classic Halloween party games. What better way to celebrate the final day of October when the air is crisp and the autumn leaves blow around like dancing fairies in the night. Some classic party games have been around for decades and are always fun to play at any get together.

Race for the treat

Tie a treat in the center of a string about 3 feet long. Have two people (preferable a couple) with the string in their mouth at each end. Using only their mouths, they must eat the string until the first one who reaches the treat in the center wins. They can then eat the treat, or they win a kiss from the loser.

Spooky Item Pass Around

Let your imagination do the rest. Sit around a table with guests and the host will pass around prepared items to blind folded guests, they will only be able to feel the items and they won’t know what they are. Use items that are squishy, furry or have lots of texture. Each guest will then have to guess what items were passed around and the person who can name the most correct, wins! Some good suggestions are cooked noodles, skinned grapes as eyeballs, gummy worms, feathered items, rabbits foot key chain, gel filled stress balls, bags of beans.


Fill a punch bowl with half an inch of brandy and light it on fire. Put out the lights so only the blazing fire lights the room. Handfuls of raisins or candied fruits and placed in the flaming bowl and players must then reach in and pull out raisins or other food that is in the flaming bowl. Players get a SNAP from burning fingers. I heard about this one from Agatha Christie’s Halloween Party novel. Whoever retrieves the most amount of fruits from the fire is the winner. This game is not for the faint of heart as you can get burned, but it was played by children in days past.

Shadow Game

Stretch a sheet across a doorway or in the center of the room. Place a lamp behind the sheet and put out all the lights in the room. People can take turns acting out behind the sheet and you can play a game like charades guessing what they are acting out. The dark and spooky lighting ads the Halloween touch to the game making it more ghostly behind the sheet as a shadow game.

Fortune Telling by Witches

Witches hold the treads of fate in their power on Halloween Night. One popular halloween party game for young girls was fortune telling. Have the girls burn a candle and drop some of the wax in a bowl, read fortunes based on the shape of the wax. Girls can also gaze into looking glasses to see their future husbands.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Free Printable Game Card



This vintage inspired printable Halloween game card template can be used to play your own chilling Halloween night scavenger hunt. Party Guests can use their cell phones to take selfies with items or just that photos of items that meet the requirements. Please use for Personal use ONLY – it can be printed on letter sized paper and cut into 4th to make 4 cards per page. Or use the digital image to play online. You can also print onto color paper or cardstock. Click to open and save or print Adobe PDF


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