November 2013 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

November 2013 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

November’s desktop wallpaper calendar showcases the lovely yellow and brown tones of the season. It features a yellow and beige floral print background.

It is overlaid with the faint yellow text of a vintage dictionary page. Two layers of digital scrapbooking paper shapes in complimentary yellow colors frame the November 2013 calendar. Between these two layers is a white doily from the free doily digital scrapbook paper. Scattered brown ink sketches of flowers and leaves accent the wallpaper, as well as a vintage hand colored butterfly sketch on a background of brown kraft paper. The butterfly sketch can be downloaded separately as a bonus free digital tags below {click to open}.

butterfly tag yellow

November, the last full month of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, is upon us. This transitional time between the warm sunny months of summer and the cold icy months of winter is often associated with the harvest and giving thanks. The beautiful foliage of October is quickly disappearing as the brisk winds usher in the winter snowstorms. As the temperatures drop, days grow shorter and the nights grow longer when we set our clocks back from daylight savings time. Is the extra hour of sleep really worth the months of cold and darkness it heralds?

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Sizes:

Large: 1920×1080


Medium: 1366×768

medium wallpaper

Small: 1024×768

small size

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  1. Kerri Kowal said:

    I so much appreciate these lovely wallpapers. I hope you will be making them in 2014 😀

    October 31, 2013

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