Trifles that Perfect the Costume

The must have fashion accessories for this season:

1. This high collar from Paris concedes a bit of a V-neck opening in front.antique vanity set
2. Spanish hair comb in blond shell with green brilliants.
3. French brooch embroidered in silk with a safety pin closure at back.
4. Narrow ribbon watch fobs from Paris. A Paris novelty.
5. Pompadour butterfly voile, one of the new chiffon stuffs that has become the fad underwear. Making underwear more dainty than it has ever been before.
6. Parisian handbag of black moire, single strap handle, silver mountings and hand embroidery.
7. Of course your slippers should also be decorated with bows nowadays.
8. The new Oriental idea in neck chains, made of beads and enamel.