Month: September 2012

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autumn facebook timeline covers

I had so much fun making the last bunch of facebook timeline covers, that I decided to make up some images with autumn photos because I’m excited for the seasons to change and the leaves to turn color this year.


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french calendar

This ornate French hand drawn frame serves as the border for each half of the year in this printable 2013 calendar. You can use this during the months January – June, and then flip it over and print July through December on the back. It’s in black and white so it’s perfect to print out on your work laserjet printer. I love the absolutely beautiful drawing from the late 1800’s.

Calendars free printables free vintage images

I’m overly excited about Halloween this year. I started working on a Halloween scrapbook about 2 weeks ago for the last 10 years or so worth of photos and I’ve…

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