Month: December 2011

truth imageTruth is forever the same, but for imperfect men it changes from day to day
and century to century. Up until recently, men said: “The earth stands still
and the sun moves. We know, for we see and feel that the earth is still, and
we see the sun rolling through the sky above our heads.” Men were like
children in the train, believing that the trees are moving past the window.

Clipart free vintage images

handwritten signatureThis free collection of old fashioned script handwritten signatures can be used in your creative work. Use as a background or add as a decorative embellishment to digital designs.

You can freely download a high resolution transparent PNG image file that contains the autographs of many real people from 1905.

free vintage images

free christmas clip artI have created this collection of vintage christmas clipart that you can download and use in any personal or commercial craft projects or digital scrapbooking layouts. Each clip art  image is a transparent PNG file and was created from early 1900’s graphics that are in the public domain. Some of the images may have originated in victorian era and it’s fun to see that our picture of Santa hasn’t changed much in all these years.

Clipart free vintage images