Month: July 2011

The must have fashion accessories for this season: 1. This high collar from Paris concedes a bit of a V-neck opening in front. 2. Spanish hair comb in blond shell…


The little winged god Cupid, armed with his deadly bow and arrow, and aiming here, there, vintage valentine cupidand everywhere his deestructive darts, has, we are fain to believe, the fatal power of rendering his victims blind, so that they have no longer any sense of proportion, and ofttimes make themselves ridiculous in the eyes of clearer-sighted mortals.

Edwin – to most people a very commonplace young fellow, neither better nor worse than the rest of mankind — is to the woman who loves him a very king among men. His nondescript features are to her the highest type of manly beauty; his trite qualities of heart and mind are to her synonymous with innate nobility of character and sterling worth; while his very faults are glossed over to appear more attractive than other men’s virtues.


Rules from Thomas Paine’s Utopia – I  don’t think anyone would be eligible for marriage vintage man and womantoday:

“Their women are not married before eighteen nor their men before two-and-
twenty, and if any of them run into forbidden embraces before marriage
they are severely punished, and the privilege of marriage is denied them
unless they can obtain a special warrant from the Prince.  Such disorders cast a great reproach upon the master and mistress of the family in which they happen, for it is supposed that they have failed in their duty.

Marriage Victorian Life

Man proposes, but oh how bunglingly, how inartisticly, he does it. The large number of proposals result from words spoken by men; and how many more would result if the…