Vintage Flag Banner

vintage flag banner

Print your own vintage flag banner or create triangle pennant hanging decorations for a ledge or shelf in your home with this free printable.

I’ve designed 6 different triangle shapes using public domain artwork that you can print out onto regular letter size paper and use to create a vintage banner. You can mix and match the patterns and hang them in whatever order you like. This would make a nice Gothic Halloween party or an old fashioned wedding decoration. I liked how Karen Kavett used tiny cut up triangles from a Harry Potter poster to decorate her shelf by taping them to the edge. I thought this was a new and fun way to hang a flag banner, without having to use the string. These could also be taped along a food table edge, mantel, doorway or stairway.

hanging flag banner

Printing these onto a heavier weight paper or cover stock will make the flags more durable and they also look better when hanging, I’ve found. Each triangle shape will be approximately 5 inches wide by 7.25 inches high at the largest points.

printed banner

I like to use a rotary cutter and cutting mat with ruler to get nice straight edges and it’s so much quicker than using scissors.

Here is a look at page 2 designs:

vintage banner page 2

Vintage Banner Page 1 | Page 2