Printable Butterfly Mailing Address Labels

free butterfly wrap around address labelsFree printable vintage butterfly wrap around mailing address labels.

These butterfly labels are a fun and pretty way to dress up your correspondence. The sheet will create four styles of labels on each printed page.

how to use wrap around address labelsHow to use wrap around address labels: Print onto 8.5×11 full sheet label paper and cut out or you may also just use regular paper and then attach to your envelope using a glue stick or other adhesive.

Write the mailing address of the letter recipient in the large box on the right and center this on the front of your envelope then fold the smaller box to the back of the envelope for your return address. You can write the return address sideways. You could also open the file in a photo editor to add text.

printable mailing address labels

I find it easier to seal my envelope before attaching in case the back part of the label will go over the flap. These look great on small or large envelopes and packages. Free for personal use or small business such as an etsy shop to mail packages, but please do not resell the files. If you’d like to share these labels on your website or blog, you may use images above to link to this post, but please do not share the full sized label files directly. Thank you!!

wrap around address labels

Download File: Butterfly Address Labels