Free Printable Recipe Cards

free printable recipe cardsA free set of three 4×6 printable recipe cards incorporating vintage style into the template designs. Easily create your own custom recipe cards.

Hours of time are wasted by the home cook unless she has some catalog system which enables her to locate recipes quickly. A card reference system is an invaluable tool. Recipes can be added at any time. When one card is filled another can be put in its place. If a card becomes worn or torn, it can be copied and replaced by a new one. The cards can be arranged according to the alphabet so that recipes are easy to find. It is a good idea to write the title of the recipes with a different font or color from the recipe itself so that the various recipe titles may be more easily recognized.

printable recipe cardsI’ve created three styles of the cards to suit individuals needs and tastes. The card shown above has separate lines for ingredients, directions and a spot for serving number and from reference.

Recipe Card Style One – Click on each image to open 4×6 card at full size 300 dpi and save to your computer:

free recipe card templateRecipe Card Style Two – This card is flexible when you don’t need a whole lot of space to list individual ingredients it looks more like a standard index card:

recipe card templateRecipe Card Style Three: The final style is a completely blank card, perfect if you want to print your cards double sided so longer and more complicated recipes can continue onto the reverse side.

blank printable recipe cardMix and match the cards to craft your own perfect diy set of cards!

free template for recipe cardsYou can open the image files in any photo editor or word processing program and type out your recipes like the image shown above. Then you don’t need to hand write the cards at all. (I highly recommend the sugar pecan recipe from – yum!)

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  1. Susie said:

    I love these. It would be really nice to have a whole box full of my favourite recipes and such a lovely thing to do with my children. Thank you for sharing

    May 3, 2012

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