Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: April 2012

april 2012 calendar wallpaperFree desktop calendar wallpaper for April 2012 featuring boy and girl vintage silhouettes. In this modern age, when photographic art has achieved so high a degree of perfection, most people do not stop to think that less than a century ago photography was still in its infancy. When our ancestors wanted to have a portrait made, they had a limited choice of methods. They could have it painted or they could content themselves with a silhouette, cut out of black paper. Of course, the latter method was the cheaper, and subsequently it became highly popular, until photography was invented. The word silhouette, which has been adopted by most languages, was originally meant as an expression of contempt for the French Controller-General of Finances, Etienne de Silhouette, who, instead of adjusting the money affairs of his country, spent his time in decorating the walls of his castle with shadow portraits of his guests. The French people said that “his pictures were just as black and empty as the French Treasury.” Since that time black portraits of this kind have been called “silhouettes.”

Download the free desktop wallpaper:

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